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Do you have a question? Here is the list of the most frequently asked questions.

How the furnished rental contract works ?

An individual furnished rental contract is signed for a period of one year, with the status of Furnished Rental.The departure notice is one month.
An inventory is made for the private spaces when you enter the house. An exit inventory will be made upon your departure.
An EasyColiving agreement is signed and included in the appendices of the lease contract.

How much do I have to pay when entering the house

Generally, we ask for a one-month rent payment for the first month and a 2-month rent as a deposit. This deposit will be returned to you upon your departure if the condition of exit complies with the inventory.

Which document do I have to provide in order to rent a room ?

We ask for a copy of your identity card (or any other document confirming your identity) as well as any document demonstrating your financial capacity to pay your rents.
These points will be treated together during the visit.

How many people live in the house?

Each room can accommodate a single person or a couple.

Could I visit the house, like for any rental advertisement ?

Yes of course, you are welcome. It is very important to visit before committing !

Do I need to take out insurance ?

The rent includes insurance. On the other hand, you need to show at least a guarantee under Civil Liability.

Could I invite friends over for dinner ?

Yes, but you must be quiet and respect your commitment to the EasyColiving agreement.

Could I host my family or a friend ?

Occasionally, you can accommodate a third person, while respecting your commitment to the EasyColiving agreement and the quiet life of the Easycolivers.

Could I smoke in the house ?

The EasyColiving agreement does not accept smoking in the house. But the garden and the terraces are large enough to keep the place clean (no cigarettes on the ground. Garbage cans exist, so use them !

Are heating and water included in the price ?

Yes. The rent includes heat, water, electricity and Internet. Everything is indicated in the home page - section "What about the price".
As an option, we can offer you some additional services. If you are interested, let's talk about it !

Why do the rooms have different prices ?

Prices are different according to the size of the rooms and their floor. However, they are all decorated with care and the latest trend.

Is the kitchen equipped ?

Yes, it includes two fridges/freezers, an oven, a microwave, two dishwashers, induction hobs, a Nespresso, a SMEG toaster, as well as utensils / pots / dishes

Could I decorate the room with personal items ?

Yes of course, you are at home ! However, there is no personal decoration in the common areas.

How is my room set up ?

Your "sweet home" consists of a 140 or 160 cms bed (including duvet), a bedside table, a wall-mounted flat screen TV, a dressing room, a desk / console, an armchair, auxiliary lighting.
You also have your own private bathroom.
As an option, we can provide you with towels, sheets and weekly cleaning.

Is there a parking space ?

Yes, in the courtyard of the house. We have also a terminal for an electric car.

Are pets accepted ?

The EasyColiving agreement does not allow to get pets.

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